Shauna Jean Doherty

Criticism and Curatorial Practice, MFA, 2014. Distribution and Outreach Manager for Video Out

“In my graduating class there were only 7 students and we often had to work together. Collaboration was a key skill that I have carried with me into my professional life, the core of which was learning how to be co-operative and flexible.

How did you get started in your career?

After university I worked a number of freelance jobs. I had a short term gallery assistant position at Hamilton Artists Inc. and commuted to Hamilton from Toronto everyday for a summer. At that point I was spending a large portion of my wage for the day on my commute. During that time I also tried to write as much as possible. I reviewed exhibitions, wrote book reviews, and even when no one would publish them I would post them onto my website. 

I also volunteered, submitted my video work to screenings, and interned. I also went to almost every exhibition opening I could find. It was important to me to network and stay present within the Toronto art scene, even though, for a number of months after graduating, that wasn't translating into a job. 

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© Shauna Jean Doherty

© Shauna Jean Doherty

© Shauna Jean Doherty

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