Marissa Neave

Criticism and Curatorial Practice, 2010. Curator, writer and designer.

“It has been nice to transition from ‘student’ to ‘peer’ with curators, historians, and writers whom I have long admired.”

Why did you choose to attend OCAD U?

Before I attended OCAD U, I worked in magazine publishing and graphic design. I was interested in returning to school to finish my undergraduate degree, but very few programs and schools were speaking to me. I worked with a friend who was enrolled in Criticism and Curatorial Practice, and when he told me more about the program, I knew I had to apply. So much of what I had done as a creative director was curatorial in nature; CRCP gave me the training I needed to transfer my skills to another field.

Please briefly describe your current job or practice.

I am currently the Programming Coordinator at InterAccess, an art gallery, educational facility and production studio dedicated to the creative use of technology, electronic art and new media culture. I am responsible for developing and executing all of the exhibitions and events that take place in our main gallery space, and sometimes off-site events as well. 

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Tinygrants - an experiment in microfunding for the arts.

OCAD University - Nuit Blanche Exhibition

OCAD University Nuit Blanche Exhibition

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