Alex McLeod

Drawing and Painting, 2007.

“I enjoy that I can play god and create whatever I like and work as little or as much as I need.  The most challenging aspect is accepting that so much is left to luck.

What are the key responsibilities you maintain for your practice?

My main responsibilities include making sure everyone has what they need. Firstly I have to make sure I am making good work, and that the printer gets it in time to deliver to the framer.  If I'm doing an interview or commission I have to make sure that party is getting my full attention and that emails are answered promptly.  There are certainly obvious tools like software and hardware that I need, but anything that I'm unfamiliar with I can usually learn about through the internet.  Networking is essential to build relationships with other artists, curators and collectors. It's one of my favorite parts of the job ;D 

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© Alex McLeod

© Alex McLeod

© Alex McLeod

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